Women, Romance, and War (Love Story and War Movie)

Its a love story.  Kurt and  Nikol write heartfelt letters regularly.   Like many romances during war Kurt sees  his and Nikol's love as his true rock when the Eastern Front gets really ugly.   

And it got ugly.

In my story Kurt  and his older brother, Conrad, have keen interest in the same woman.   Nikol is a recent transfer student to their school.   She aspires to a nursing career.

Conrad, being the team soccer captain, has his pick of the ladies and is not too shy about it.  He ends up blowing his chance with Nikol in a pub dart game in which she beats him.  Upon losing the game, Conrad then loses his cool.  Nikol is not impressed.

Nikol and Kurt meet and sparks fly.  Kurt's brother, Conrad, learns of the budding relationship and Conrad is not a happy camper.   Despite this,  Kurt and Nikol become a couple.  Nikol gives Kurt a hummingbird necklace (for good fortune) that she had bought from a gypsy.  

Then World War II starts and both brothers enlist.

 Kurt and  Nikol write heartfelt letters regularly.    Kurt sees his and Nikol's love as his true rock when things got impossible.

After his first tank kill, Kurt talks his commander into tatooing their tank with the Hummingbird so the whole crew gets good fortune promised by the gypsy.



In the story I crafted,  we follow Kurt  through his high school years,  his job at the auto factory,  hunting exploits with his dad and brother, his girl friend (Nikol),  including sibling and romantic conflicts with his older brother.

World War II starts.  Both brothers join.  Kurt goes into Panzer and his brother, Conrad, goes to infantry.  They both end up in Russia.

It is an incredible life journey maturation process for Kurt.  

In my story, Kurt ultimately  achieves his prime life goals as a young man.  He makes his dad and mom proud.   And,  during the war through bold efforts, finally earns the respect from his older brother that he always yearned for.  

Most of all,  Kurt has the love and devotion of the girl of his dreams.