About The Author

Christopher Roberts Corson

Austin, Texas

Career radio account executive morphed into an Austin-based screenwriter July 7, 2018.

--- Dad (was a bad ass WWII Fighter Pilot, P-51) taught me film developing with a Leica Camera he got from his dad. Been taking photos ever since. 

--- Wrote, Produced, and Directed a 20 minute short for my high school senior prom. Huge hit. Then life happened. Got back into photos when digital exploded and have been addicted ever since. Took courses at Southern Methodist on screenwriting and realized the opportunity for a whole new career. The demand for video product has exploded. But it ALL starts with a good story. That is where I come in.

---In my prior life, I had been a radio-event-digital marketing account manager for over 26 years with CBS/Entercom. Now instead of selling commercial products to target audiences, I create engaging stories (based on real people) to entertain and share the common human experiences of personal growth in difficult life and death situations. 

--- In the last 26 years in DFW I received over 18 awards for excellence and team work with CBS Radio-DFW including the coveted "X" (Extreme Extraordinary) Award in 2013 (which I deserved three times over) Also received the CBS Dan Mason award for 20 years of consecutive service. "Chris is relentless".

 --- USAF Veteran. Family has 4 generations of consecutive military service. My daughter and husband are current USAF active duty in San Antonio.

Copyright: "Tiger One"  2018 Christopher Corson